Front Door Buying Guide

Buying Windows and Doors can be a major investment and is something you should only have to do once. However it is amazing how many consumers simply trust a company without doing any research into the company, their product and their reputation. Read this short guide and be well informed when you are ready to make a purchase. ”

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Knowing when to buy new is just as important as the door company and its products. Perhaps your doors are still okay. A reputable door company will tell you. Here are some tell-tale symptoms of windows that need replacing:

  • Your home has started to feel drafty in cold weather or too hot in warmer weather;
  • Your costs for heating and/or air conditioning are high and continue to increase;
  • If the glass is cracked or steamy between panes;
  • Hardware is in need of repair;
  • The paint has started to chip or peel;
  • Your windows rattle in the wind;
  • The window is difficult to open or close;
  • With older windows, the wood has started to rot – if the wood is soft or punky it means it’s begun to rot.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, chances are it’s time to update your doors. Do your windows & doors make your home look old, dated or in poor condition? If you’re thinking of selling, new windows could make a significant difference to curb appeal and the amount of money you will receive from the sale of your home.

Buy Smart and Save Your Money

It all starts with a good door company. How do you find one? Check with friends and co- workers; find out who they used and if they were happy with the results. If your friends or family were happy with the process then contact their door company for an estimate. In fact, contact two or three companies for estimates but no more or it becomes unwieldy and confusing. You should also get references from the company – preferably for the last two jobs or ask for recent jobs done in your area… Seeing their Lawn signs everywhere is usually a good indication that this company must be doing something right.

Do your windows have any Low-E or Argon Gas? A reputable company will do a free Low-E test as part of the estimate. Check with us for accredited businesses,our ratings and complaints history. The Double Glazing website serves the mid-western and central Ontario.

High prices are just as much of a rip-off as a ‘sale’ price that’s too low. Some companies will try and convince you that their windows are worth $1200-$1600 each. Not so. Also be aware that any prices below $300 won’t include installation or service for the product once it’s installed. Beware if a company gives you an estimate and it is substantially lower than other estimates you may already have.

Window and Door Warranty

How long should a quality, properly replaced window last then? Assuming these conditions are met, the expected lifetime of a vinyl window is usually around 25 years. Your window warranty should also be close to that term.

Usually, window warranties can be categorized into three main types of warranties: vinyl extrusion, insulated glass unit, and labour. Vinyl extrusion warranties cover all the parts of the window that are made of vinyl. Insulated glass unit (sealed unit) warranty covers the actual glass panes and the sealed unit they are assembled into. Labour warranty covers any problems that have to do with how the window is installed. A good window warranty in Canada will cover vinyl extrusions for 25 years, the insulated glass units for 25 years, and provide labour warranty for at least 5 years.

Many door companies offer “lifetime” warranties. What most homeowners fail to recognize, is that with few exceptions, these window warranties refer to the lifetime of the window and not the lifetime of a homeowner. Thus, a “lifetime” warranty on windows is also considered to be 25 years.