How to Build a Conservatory by Yourself

how to build a conservatory by yourself

What is a Conservatory?

A conservatory is an exterior room often with glass roof and walls. Usually the best part of your garden, it is often called a greenhouse, or a sunroom. It is best to be situated in a place in the yard that gets a lot of sunlight and fresh air. Many manage to put it to use during the winter as long as it’s well heated and insulated.

Conservatories are popular with upper middle class and wealthy households.

Do You Require Planning Permission to build a Conservatory?

A conservatory is a part of the permitted development rights, so before starting, you need to comply with the following conditions:

  • The construction must not be more than 50% of your “Original House” *.
  • There are no raised platforms, verandas or balconies.
  • It’s no higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Height must be less than 4 metres.
  • It doesn’t front or obstructs any public road.
  • It doesn’t cover more than 1/2 of land the house is sited on.
  • A single-story extension at the rear of the house must not extend more than 3 metres beyond the rear wall if it’s an attached property and 4 metres if it’s detached.
  • Listed building consent may be required if the work is proposed on a listed building.

No planning permission is required as long as you follow these rules. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine or the demolition of the structure.

The construction must not block ladder access to rooms in the loft.

It is highly recommended not to build a conservatory if blocks in any way access to windows and loft conversions, especially if meant to serve as a rescue exit. Any new structural opening between your conservatory and your home will be bound to building regulations approval, regardless of your conservatory being an exempt structure or not.

How to Build a Conservatory Base?

First, you need to make sure you have a proper base. Once you establish that, the rest would be like putting together a puzzle.

  • Measure your space. Ensure the dimensions and measurements are correct on your base plan.
  • Dig the conservatory foundation. Dig in the shape of your measured conservatory and remove all wasteful soil that’s in your way.
  • Level the earth. You need flat ground in the shape of your conservatory as your working area.
  • Add concrete. Concrete the foundation to the correct height approx 4 course down from the existing house damp course.
  • Wash the surrounding area. You need to keep your surrounding area clear of any garbage or obstructions.
  • Build up to the damp course. This will be your conservatory floor level. Make sure it’s even.

How to Build a Conservatory Wall?

With the right tools and knowledge, you too can build your own conservatory in your backyard. One step at a time and lots of good effort.

  • Build a dwarf-wall. The dwarf-wall starts from the base and up to no more than one-meter height. Place the bricks and wait for the cement to dry.
  • Place external sills. Position the sills on top of the dwarf wall. The pre-ordered sills should be a customised measurement to your property.
  • Secure all frames. The first frame needs to be secured to the house. Do the same for the rest starting from the house and connecting outward, until they meet from the two sides.
  • Put up doorsDoor fitting can be tricky, but with your pre-ordered supplies, the door should fit right into place, like a piece of a puzzle.

How to Build a Conservatory Roof?

  • Place the roof ridge. Your custom made roof ridge needs to be placed right on top of the frames. It should be the exact measurements you need.
  • Add roof rafters. Fit the roof rafters in between the roof ridge and hip bars.
  • Fit glazing sheets.
  • Fit guttering. Just like your house, the conservatory also needs gutters in order to keep the roof well maintained for a longer period.
  • Add decorations. Whether you want decorations or not, depends on whether you decided on a traditional or modern conservatory style. The modern ones are more minimalistic. Choose whatever you find better for yourself. Install yourself or hire a professional painter or decorator.